- Mother and child health care
- Family planning
- Immunisation programme
- Training traditional birth attendance and community health volunteers
- Health education

- microcreditprograms

Diagnostic and therapeutic services through laboratory, X-ray, E.C.G., ultrasound, endoscopy, pharmacy, operating theatres, out-patients and in-patients and emergency services.

- training of General Practitioners, who will work at the 15 Outreaches = HealthPosts, of the Dhulikhel Hospital.
This training is guided by the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

The Dhulikhel hospital is a non-profit, private institution , which is financially supported by  the municipality of Dhulikhel, not by the government. Fortunately, the authorities do hold the hospital up as an example. Nepalimed Austria guarantees continuous financial support; it goes without saying that more financial support is needed. Also, because an effort is being made to bring medical facilities closer to the people in the outposts by building so-called Healthcare Posts.

Nepalimed supports the hospital by sending medical equipment.
In addition, Dutch doctors advise and train the medical staff.