Ammy van Gooswilligen, chairman Nepalimed Holland, visited the Hospital in april and september this year. They did already a lot of restoration after the earthquake. The Hospital was not damaged very much and has been restorated. The restoration gives far more problems in the rural areas in the outreaches because of heavy rainfall during the monson, bad roads,  the transport of materials was very difficult. Specially the Sindupalchok region has been damaged a lot, the houses of the population have not been rebuilt due to lack of money.  At the outreaches Kattike Deurali, Bahunipati, and Baluwa they work very hard, in Manekharka a Maternity Ward is built.

The far post Dorpu is going to be an excellent post for the General Practitioners in the future, they get their education at university level at the Hospital. For the outreach they need sophisticated equipment, Nepalimed already sent money for purchasing it. In the remote outreach Salambu there is need of a huge watertank for extending the agriculture. A lot is happening in different ways!!

Rebuilding classes Dapchaschool after earthquake!, almost finished in september 2016
The 25th newyearsreception of the Lions Tilburg founded 50.000€, this is inclusive the Wild Geese donation. Again a wonderful gift, thank you so very much!

Own space for the urology OPD.
In august and september 2016  Igle Jan de Jong, Professor in the Urology, University of Groningen, visited  Nepal to support the Department Urology at the Hospital in Dhulikhel.
Dhulikhel, the 28th of august – “At Sunday start with the morningconference at the Hospital, it feels like having not been away! I gave them the medical instruments I took with me from Holland and took these to the OT , which is very busy. The urological operations are done during three days of the week, twenty urological operations by dr. Joshi, the nepali Associate Professor in the Urology and two young surgeons, dr. Shrestha and dr. Divas. They are also performing a  lot of stonetreatments with the Holmiumlaser machine which they got last year. A wonderful second life of this machine!”

Annelies Belgraver, G(eneral) P(ractitioner) at the University of Utrecht helped ,during the first six months of 2016, to develop the GP training at university level at the Dhulikhel Hospital. Thanks to her help The Hospital nominated an Associate Professor necessary for the GP training,  this can start at february 2017. There has been developed a nepali curriculum.
 Dr Sanu and dr.Sanjana are already working there as G.P.’s at the Emengency Department,which is going to be extended with more beds up to twenty.’The whole GPtraing at the Dhulikhel Hospital is being guided by the Universty of Groningen, the Netherlands.

From october the 23th up to November the 32th of 2015 Josca Fokkema and her husband Dirk visited the Dhulikhel Hospital and the outreach-clinics. With the intention to start a GP training at the Hospital. As Head of the Department GP Groningen, the Netherlands, she concluded that especially at the rural areas the healthcare can be improved, because at the Outreaches there is a need of doctors in the medical but also in the non-medical fields like a.o. communication, referral, trust of the patients.


Visit of delegation of the Weesp AMP department to the Dhulikhel hospital (Arjan van Bergeijk, Ann Welesa and Paul Slotemaker).
Subsidy request Maternal & Neonatal Care in Nepal was submitted to the Dutch Enterprise Agency.

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Visit to Dhulikhel Hospital

March 2015
Visit to the Dhulikhel hospital of members of the Board Ammy van Gooswilligen , Niels Boertje and Professor Igle Jan de Jong.

  • Visit to the outposts of Bahunipati and Dapcha. Here Ammy and her daughter Eljo taught some forty women how to knit. The intention is to train these women more professionally so that they can start their own business that will hopefully make a profit.
  • Visit together with a delegation of the Community department of the hospital to the outpost of Solambhu at five hours’ ‘bumping’ distance from Dhulikhel.

In cooperation with Nepalimed Denmark an Agricultural programme has been initiated. By improving the land, the water supply all year round and the irrigation of the farmlands we hope to achieve a hundred percent agricultural produce instead of the 50 to 60 percent there is now due to lack of water.
In the first year some 200 women will participate as part of a micro finance project. These women will be able to borrow 10.000 rupies (about €100) at a rate of 6% interest a year. It is to be hoped that the men who now work in Dubai, India, etc., will be able to return to their villages. The women and men will get a special training in agriculture and cattle breeding.

  • Niels Boertje has evaluated the micro finance programmes in several outreaches.
  • Professor Igle Jan de Jong operated together with the Nepalese doctor Hem Hoshi who did his training to be a urologist in Groningen. This year an additional visit will be  necessary so that doctor Hem Hoshi can become a professor and begin his own urology training in the hospital.


- 11 to 26 January, Associate Professor Urology Igle Jan de Jong visited DHOS. He succeeded together with the Nepali Board, to complete the certification of dr. Hem Joshi,  as an urologist at the Dhulikhel Hospital. He is the first one here.
Dr. Hem Joshi has been trained during 3 years, every 3 months in the Netherlands, the coordination of the training was done by Igle Jan de Jong, see above.
Probably also a second urologist will be trained in the Netherlands. this is part of the policyplan of  Nepalimed Holland.

- 17 to 24 February the urologist Paul Kil from the Elisabeth Ziekenhuis at Tilburg, visited and trained the staff of the Department of Urology at Dhulikhel.

- 23 February up to 9 March, the openingsceremony of the Birthing Centre, first floor, took place in the presence of Ammy van Gooswilligen, chairman of the Foundation, in the presence of her two daughters Eljo and Marlouk. The building is wonderful, full of light, space, and very solid This Birthing Centre is dedicated to the late Jan van Gooswilligen, who died in 2008   

- spring 2013, Selma van der Haar visited DHOS and Nepal during 3 months. Goal was her final thesis for the master Development Economics University Wageningen, the Netherlands. She investigated the possibilities of healthcooperations, in which the microinsurance will be included. The women who participated in the microfinanceprograms in the outreaches can participate in these healthcooperations.

- 28-10-2013 Opening staffhouse, with study- and bedrooms for the staff.
In the presence of Arry and Cees Buiks ( retired general physician) and his wife Arry.


- 22 April till 18 May, visit to the Dhulikhel Hospital of Jos Mathot, general physician. His impressions of the contact with dr. Sanu, working at the Emergency Department DHOS as a general physician, and his visit to the outreaches, helps us with the education/ training of general physicians in the future, this process will be guided by the university of Groningen.

- 14 till 17 June, visit of dr. Ram Shrestha, medical-director of the D(hulikhel)HOS (Hospital), to the Netherlands, this is his yearly visit in which meetings, discussions and contacts with all kind of donors, are organised by Nepalimed Holland.

- From 23 June Sarah Reuvers was staying during 8 weeks at DHOS to do her internship surgery/urology, for the last part of her medical study

- In the months of September, October and December, Tulsi Maka and Shristi Shah, urological nurses, were trained by Prof. Igle Jan de Jong, urologist at the University of Groningen. The last six weeks of their stay Paul Kil, urologist at the Elisabeth Hospital at Tilburg, was the teacher. They will take their experiences with them to Nepal, and are going to start the Urological Department with the help of dr. Hem Joshi, urologist, at DHOS.

- 7 to 9 September Nepalimed Holland organised a Charity salesexposition, with Gallery SPAS from St. Petersburg, Russia. There were beautiful paintings, some of these you still can buy, see photographs at the website. The final result was 2035 Euro. Possibility to buy russian paintings from SPAS Gallery St. Petersburg. Charitysale for Nepalimed Holland 15 %. Information via E-mail:

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From 01-01 until 01-04
Second part education Nepali urologist, dr. Hem Joshi, at the Academic University Groningen, this education is followed by the visit and guidance by dutch urologists in DHOS, the Hospital in Dhulikhel.

From 13-04 until 16-04
Visit dr. Ram Shresta, director of the Dhulikhel Hospital to the Netherlands.

19-06 Charity Golftournement
10th Charity Nepalimed tournament, Havelte, Drenthe, for companies and private inviduals. The flights are captained by ( former) topsportsmen. Entry at the secretariat.,

Visit by the chairman, Ammy van Gooswilligen,  to Nepal and hopefully opening of the Birthing Centre at DHOS, dedicated to the deceased dr. Jan C. van Gooswilligen

Nepalimed supports the hospital by sending medical equipment.
In addition, Dutch doctors advise and train the medical staff.