Origin Nepalimed:

In the autumn of 1997 Ammy and Jan van Gooswilligen visited Nepal. “While travelling through the Kingvalley in Nepal, our guide drew our attention to the new hospital in Dhulikhel. It cannot have been a coincidence that we met Sheila that same evening at dinner. Sheila is an Indian woman who lives in California and who works as a volunteer at the hospital.

The following day she introduced us to Dr. Ram Kanta Shrestha, a very energetic, young Nepalese surgeon, manager of the hospital, who had his training as a doctor and a surgeon in Austria.
The suffering and poverty of the Nepalese people had made a deep impression on us. We were looking for a possibility to do something structurally. Now that we had found a good hospital, we felt that, being doctors, we could contribute substantially to the Nepalese medical care.
The fact that Dhulikhel hospital is well-organised, and has a reliable management was decisive in founding Nepalimed Holland.”

Nepalimed supports the hospital by sending medical equipment.
In addition, Dutch doctors advise and train the medical staff.